Road to Hell


Halloween Event 2017

Autumn event (September 21 - 24)

-Increased Lottery win rate
-Increased alchemy rate
+25% Silk(DP) if you pay by PayPal
+25% Silk(DP) if you pay by SMS
+80% Silk(DP) if you pay by Bitcoin
-Roll the dice events, doubled reputation points

Weekend event (July 29 - July 30)

-Increased Lottery win rate
-Increased alchemy rate
+25% Silk(DP) if you pay by PayPal
-Roll the dice events, doubled reputation points

Weekend event (July 21 - July 23)

Buy DP for Bitcoin and receive +50% more
+20% Lottery (Job)
+10% Alchemy
Various summoning events

D type weapons

Click for full size:


Public roadmap (informations about the server and the upcoming updates):


Weekend event

More info HERE (DP, lottery, alchemy, summoning events)

Small update

-Upgraded server stability
-New forum with more secure core
-Bitcoin payment implemented (applied 10% bonus)
-Guild / Union logo fixed, please download the patch from the website

Easter Event (14-15-16-17th of April)

-Lottery rate +20%
-Alchemy rate +10%
-'Dark side of Mars' summoning event

Have fun! :)

Weekend event (18-19th of March)

-Lottery rate +20%
-Alchemy rate +10%
-'Dark side of Mars' summoning event

Have fun! :)

Event weekend

January Event

Update 2017

Please download the newest client from here!

-14 new pick pets
-New glows (up to +30)
-New Medusa spawn points (Giryeon Mountain, North of Donwhang)
-New Sauron spawn points (around Qin-Shi Tomb)
-Character Skin Change scroll is tradeable
-Fixed visual stall price bug
-Other small fixes

Christmas Event 2016

Halloween Event 2016

Ultimate Lottery Event

Period: Aug 19-20-21 (Friday, Saturday, Sunday)

You can get special expensive items from lottery ticket:
- Premium Plus (+5% chance)
- Title Coupon (+5% chance)
- D14 Immortal (+10% chance)
- Rocket (+10% chance)
- +3 Advanced elixir (+5% chance)
- Inventory expansion (+10% chance)
- DP (Silk) (+10% chance, amount doubled! Minimum: 2 Maximum: 80)

Have a nice weekend and happy trading :)

Demonroad global official

We are recruiting! We welcome new players, Event managers, Game masters and supporters!

Update 1: How to exchange your coupons: Info

Update 2: Level bonuses:
-Advanced to level 120 -> +10 reputation and +2 achievement
-Advanced to level 130 -> +10 reputation and +3 achievement
-Advanced to level 140 -> +10 reputation and +4 achievement

Thank you and have fun!


PvP event with new avatar and pick pet rewards

More info: Wiki page

You can check how many points you have at our website, under the Profile link!

(Dark Side of Mars) event

(Dark Side of Mars) event on this SATURDAY! We are going to summon tons of these low level mobs, and if you are lucky and fast enough you can get the premium achievement for sunday!

More about achievements: HERE

Signature Event

If you want to receive 100 DP's (silks) at the end of december, use our banner image at ElitePVP'ers forum!

-Epvp account with at least 30 comments
-Visible signature with our image under your profile

Here is the link of our advertising page: EPVP

Do not forget to post your epvp username to our forum (with your updated profile):


Merry christmas and a happy new year!

Weekend lottery event

Dear players,

We have just increased the lottery rate, you can now get more expensive items! (DP, coupon, adv elixir, immortal, rocket, special stones)

This event starts from today and ends at sunday evening!

(You can get lottery from trading)

Have a nice weekend!


Dear, players,

From Sunday 10:00AM (GMT+1) to Monday 10:00AM (GMT+1) you can get +50% DP's by paypal and sms! Also we have increased the lottery and alchemy factors to this day. Have fun!

Happy 3rd birthday to DemonRoad!

Dear players,

To celebrate our birthday, there is a list of the changes we made in the past few days:

- Exploit filter updated ('visual' stall bug fixed)
- CTF minimum level is 138, reward for each kill is an arena coin
- Lottery enabled (can be obtained from NPC thieves / hunters)

Fortress reward bonus II.

Jangan fortress owner (guild master) has the ability to activate Roll the Dice event (daily once) whenever he wants. Reward is the number of the participated players in DP for the user, who rolls the highest number! (Based on random numbers.) You have 20 seconds to type the specified string to All chat.

Fortress reward bonus

From now, Constantinople and Hotan fortress owners (guild masters) can enable lottery (Hotan) or alchemy (Const) bonus for limited time! You have to type the correct commands on All chat window. It can be used once a day.

Honor rank table cleaning

We are going to clear the honor ranking table in every month. The reason is simple: many of the top characters stopped playing already, or has been banned from the game. By this, we are giving chance to new and active players to receive honor buffs. The first clean scheduled to the 1st of May.