Official trailer
Posted at 18.03.2015.
PvP event with new avatar and pick pet rewards
More info: Wiki page

You can check how many points you have at our website, under the Profile link!

Posted at 06.02.2016.
(Dark Side of Mars) event
(Dark Side of Mars) event on this SATURDAY! We are going to summon tons of these low level mobs, and if you are lucky and fast enough you can get the premium achievement for sunday!

More about achievements: HERE

Posted at 27.01.2016.
Signature Event
If you want to receive 100 DP's (silks) at the end of december, use our banner image at ElitePVP'ers forum!

-Epvp account with at least 30 comments
-Visible signature with our image under your profile

Here is the link of our advertising page: EPVP

Do not forget to post your epvp username to our forum (with your updated profile):


Merry christmas and a happy new year!

Posted at 15.12.2015.
Weekend lottery event
Dear players,

We have just increased the lottery rate, you can now get more expensive items! (DP, coupon, adv elixir, immortal, rocket, special stones)

This event starts from today and ends at sunday evening!

(You can get lottery from trading)

Have a nice weekend!

Posted at 27.11.2015.
Dear, players,

From Sunday 10:00AM (GMT+1) to Monday 10:00AM (GMT+1) you can get +50% DP's by paypal and sms! Also we have increased the lottery and alchemy factors to this day. Have fun!
Posted at 21.11.2015.
Happy 3rd birthday to DemonRoad!
Dear players,

To celebrate our birthday, there is a list of the changes we made in the past few days:

- Exploit filter updated ('visual' stall bug fixed)
- CTF minimum level is 138, reward for each kill is an arena coin
- Lottery enabled (can be obtained from NPC thieves / hunters)
Posted at 23.10.2015.
Fortress reward bonus II.
Jangan fortress owner (guild master) has the ability to activate Roll the Dice event (daily once) whenever he wants. Reward is the number of the participated players in DP for the user, who rolls the highest number! (Based on random numbers.) You have 20 seconds to type the specified string to All chat.
Posted at 23.04.2015.
Fortress reward bonus
From now, Constantinople and Hotan fortress owners (guild masters) can enable lottery (Hotan) or alchemy (Const) bonus for limited time! You have to type the correct commands on All chat window. It can be used once a day.
Posted at 21.04.2015.
Honor rank table cleaning
We are going to clear the honor ranking table in every month. The reason is simple: many of the top characters stopped playing already, or has been banned from the game. By this, we are giving chance to new and active players to receive honor buffs. The first clean scheduled to the 1st of May.

Posted at 13.04.2015.
April update
Dear players,
We have increased the amount of DP you can buy by paypal or mobile! It lasts only one day. Also you will get notifications from some server events as you can see on the image below .
Have fun!

Posted at 11.04.2015.
March Update
Attention! If you have issues with the auto patcher, rename DemonRoad.exe to Silkroad.exe! We are now using client version 1.191!

Infos about the patch:

- Reputation system (info: FAQ link or forum)
- Alchemy update (press Z for more info)
- Because of the high rates, astral has been deleted from the game (and to avoid scamming, it was a necessary step)
- Event mob Pan Luma spawns around the map (exp and drop are the same like Snow Slave's)
- Starter rabbit is now sellable to npc
- Nazgul's HP has been increased
- Fixed Event Bear drop and exp
Posted at 05.03.2015.
Video event
Dear Players,

If you want to win 1000 DP's and a custom title, all you have to do is to make a video about DemonRoad (job, pvp, unique event, other story) and use this background music (this is important if you want to win!)

Winner will be selected at 1st of February.
Posted at 07.01.2015.
December Extra Event
-Increased DP amount you can buy by mobile or paypal (lasts one day)
-NPC traders and thieves can drop rocket (lasts one day)
-Fixed achievement system
Posted at 27.12.2014.
December update and achievement system
Dear Players,

Please download the newest patch from here:

More info about the achievement system can be found on the forum!
Posted at 27.11.2014.
Arcade game event for DP
You can play arcade games on the forum if you want to take a break while stalling, or just want to earn some DP's!

In every month the top players of the 3 games will receive 300 DP's!

Available games:
- Pacman
- Blackjack
- Space Blaster

Next winner period: 2014.12.01.
The leaderboard will be erased after each 'event'

One player only can win once per two months!

Have fun playing!
Posted at 30.10.2014.
Halloween update AND Honor ranking question
- Halloween bears spawns around Jangan and Constantinople city (more than usual)
- New lottery rewards have been added: D14 Immortal, Rocket, D14 Advanced elixirs, Title coupon
(lottery tickets can be obtained during job activities)
- Sauron spawns in every 4 hours at Qin-Shi Tomb entrance (and drops lottery tickets)
- DP event

Also please check the forum for this topic and answer the question (removing the honor rank in every month or not?)
Posted at 21.10.2014.
September update
-Lottery ticket and extra gold added to newly created characters
-Lottery winners have been selected
-Gold drop rate increased
-Item drop rate increased
-New CTF reward: Lucky scroll (15%)
-Roc, Boneroc, Jupiter, Juno can drop a lot of arena coins
Posted at 30.09.2014.
We are looking for EM's
Dear Players,

We are looking for in-game Event Managers! If you are interested, please drop us a mail to and write a few sentences about yourself! (hobbies, activities, studies, Silkroad past)

-English as mother language
-Daily 2 events (minimum)
-Player account (with level 140)

Don't forget, write a mail TO:
Posted at 18.09.2014.
Server inspection
Dear Players,

By wednesday 2014/07/09, we are going to have our network under maintenance.

During this day, you can expect downtimes or disconnects
We expect a maintenance window from : 08:00 AM UTC-5 to 08:00 PM UTC-5, but it can extend during the day if necessary.

Thank you,
DemonRoad Staff
Posted at 09.07.2014.
DP event
Dear Players,

Because of the 7500 pagelikes, we have increased the amount of DP you can buy by Paypal and mobile. The event lasts one day!
Posted at 04.06.2014.
Easter event
-Gold drop rate increased
-Event mobs changed to Snow Soldiers
-Snow Soldiers can drop Lottery Ticket
-New beginner items added to newly created characters.

Event period: 2014.04.16 - 2014.04.23

Have fun!
Posted at 16.04.2014.
Winners of the Lottery event (2014.03.23)
Dear Players,

As we mentioned before, you can win real-life weapons, DP's, gold, skill points by collecting and exchanging lottery tickets.

Here are the winners of the first period:

1st: Nimrodel_CZ
2nd: HuscraL
3rd: Krontel

Next draw will be held on 2013.04.06.
More info about this event:
Posted at 25.03.2014.
March Update
-Lottery Ticket (Only from Trading/Thieving)
-D10-D12 armors, accessories at hotan npc
Posted at 11.03.2014.
Hardware upgrade finished
Dear Players,

The hardware upgrade is finished before time, so you can enjoy the game now!
Posted at 07.03.2014.
Hardware upgrade
Dear Players,

We are doing a hardware upgrade now to reduce this heavy lag, please be patient until we finish it. This will take approximately 5 hours. Thank you.
Posted at 07.03.2014.
February Update
-New item(s) in DemonRoad NPC (Jangan)
-Arena coin is stackable (5000)
-New skills
Posted at 18.02.2014.
January Update
-A type coupon weapons are now available from DemonRoad NPC at Jangan
-D10, D11, D12 npc weapons are also available from the Hotan Blacksmith
-New Capture the flag reward: Arena Coin
-Beginner reverse return scrolls for newly created characters
-Snow slaves have been replaced to Event Bears
-Christmas event ended (Snow soldiers and decorations have been removed)
-New intro, logo, music (full client download required)
-Viserion, Sereness, Zielkiaxe, Death Bone, Khulood, Karkadann can drop A type coupon weapons
Posted at 09.01.2014.
Christmas event and Update
-Snowfall and christmas tree decoration (NEW)
-Snow Slave event around the map (NEW)
-Snow Soldier event around various points (high level uniques with santa set, berserker and title coupon drop) (NEW)
-C type DemonRoad weapons for coupon (NEW)

Please download the latest patch from the 'Downloads' link!
Posted at 04.12.2013.
Dear Players,

Due to our HPP provider, tomorrow there will be maintenance on our server that will cause several downtime for short period of times during the whole day (friday 29th)

(The server will get an upgrade in the network. Please be patient until they finish the maintenance.)


DemonRoad Staff
Posted at 29.11.2013.
Latest Update
-New Arabian grab pets in item mall
-NPC gold
-New titles for coupon (over 150)
-New glow colors from +21 to +24
-Bigger spark effects on weapons above +21
-Event bears/pumpkins/snow slaves can drop rocket with low chance
Posted at 19.11.2013.
Halloween event
Happy Halloween to every DemonRoad and Aegis Online Players!

To celebrate this traditional festival, we are doing two kind of events in DemonRoad.

Please check the forum for event details:

Have fun and happy pumpkin hunting to everyone!
Posted at 29.10.2013.
Dear Players,

Please download the latest update from the forum:

or the website:

You can also download the updated full client from there, especially if you have issues with patching.
Have fun!

-Detailed and modified informations about uniques notice
-New pets on item mall and DemonRoad npc
Posted at 11.10.2013.
New Update
-New grab pets in item mall (3) and DemonRoad npc (1)
-Black Avatars added
-New Arabian uniques added
Posted at 12.09.2013.
New Update
-New grab pets in item mall (3) and DemonRoad npc (1)
-Haroeris and Seth have increased HP/Defense/Attack power and can drop Egyptian armor
-Snow slave event at reverse spots (can drop monster defense ignorance 20% scroll)
-Degree 14 immortal and astral stone icons have been changed to avoid scamming attempts
- +1 job temple entry time has been added for Haroeris, Neith and Anubis. (10:00-12:00 GMT + 1)
-Roc Update (details on

Please download the patch from HERE
Posted at 12.08.2013.
Security Patch
Dear players, please download this security patch, otherwise you can not connect to the server. (DDOS protection have been just updated, they migrated and improved the server latency and quality)

LINK: Patch
Posted at 10.08.2013.
New Update
-New grab pets in item mall (3) and DemonRoad npc (1)
-Anubis and Selket have increased HP/Defense/Attack power and can drop Egyptian armor
-DemonRoad flying jewel box event
Posted at 22.07.2013.
New Update
Please download the newest patch from HERE

-Job Temple update with Egyptian armor set
-New grab pets in item mall (3) and DemonRoad npc (1)
-DemonRoad letter event quest
-Trade rate increased
-Behemoth and Lizard HP have been fixed
Posted at 25.06.2013.
New Update
Please download the newest patch from HERE

-Detailed list about rare items
-New grab pets in item mall (3) and DemonRoad npc (1)
-New event uniques
-New quests
-Holy Water Temple entry number has been set from 3 to 4
-Egyptian accessorry defense values have been fixed
Posted at 11.06.2013.
New Update
Please download the newest patch from HERE

-Intermediate and Advance Holy Water temple uniques can drop Degree 14 Ultimate accessories (EU and CH)
-Eris unique spawns around Holy water temple and can drop Degree 14 Ultimate accessories (EU and CH)
-New avatars (New Halloween, New Devil, Blue Soul Knight, Viking)
Posted at 15.05.2013.
Payment systems now working!

Posted at 13.05.2013.
Fix soon
There was a problem with the payment server but it will be fixed soon!

Please be patient!

Posted at 13.05.2013.
Updates in the last months
-DemonRoad B type weapons can be exchanged for coupon (attack rating and durability increased)
-Magic Pop rate increased
-Forgotten World boss can drop lv139 power Egyptian A type weapons (critical and blocking ratio increased), collection book can be exchanged to Egyptian B grade weapons (same stats, different look)
-Automatic Snow Slave / Pumpkin / Young Bear event at reverse spots
-Trade Rate increased to 50x
-Death Bone event unique (can drop silk/coin/weapon items)
-Special title for Lv7 job players
-Special title for top3 unique killers
-Constantinople fortress (Samarkand also taxable)
-DemonRoad NPC new items (always refreshing with special items)
-Skills and stat points can be reseted with coupon
-Chinese and European skills balanced to lv140 (Chinese imbue skills increased, more info: here)
-Zielkiaxe and The Earth can drop arena coins
-D14 Roc stones (green) are available to buy from Demonroad NPC (for gold and arena coins)
-Holy Water temple uniques can drop D14 roc stones

And a lot more! Enjoy!
Posted at 03.05.2013.
New update
Please download our newest patch!

-Skill fixes (heuksal, bicheon, pacheon, warrior, rogue)
-Main warlock skills upgradable to 140
-New items in DemonRoad npc
-Trade animals HP (Ox, Lizard, Behemoth) have been increased
-Silk renamed to DP (Demon Point)
Posted at 28.12.2012.
Merry Christmas!
Dear Players,

We want to wish you a Merry Christmas and we hope that you spend it with your family and friends!

Peace and love for all!

Happy Holidays!
Posted at 24.12.2012.
Beware of scam website
Dear Players,

Please beware of scam website asking for your ID and PW (e.g: ***** We would NEVER ask for them.

These website says that you will get unique event opportunity, silks and items but that is NOT TRUE and we are not associated with them in any way.
Posted at 18.12.2012.
Ban warning
Dear players,

We will ban all AFK botters near Snow Slaves for 3 days. That's the first warning. If you break this rule again, you will be banned for a week. If you break that again, you will be banned permanently!

Posted at 17.12.2012.
New update
- Trade item's prices increased so you will get more from trading!
- Final Gender Switch Tool works for D13, D14 items
- Skill upgrades: Heuksal, Bicheon, Pacheon, Rogue, Bard noise fixed (Warlock is coming soon)
- Fire Ox trade animal's HP increased, skin changed
- Consignment bug fixed (Earring search)
- Skin change scroll, Sabakun's jewel, Angel's spirit Magicstone, Newhalloween avatars are now tradeable
-You can buy arrow from Samarkand Blacksmith
- Christmas decorations :)
Posted at 14.12.2012.
New update
- Consignment (New stall network) works now for d12, d13, d14 items
- Trade rate has been increased to 25x
- New items in DemonRoad npc (Jangan)
- New Seal of Sun weapons available from item mall (Premium Coupon)
- Skill fixes (Cleric, Warrior, Fire)
- New bard skill effects replaced to original ones
- Christmas Event
- New gigabit net for fixing lags

Download our newest patch!
Posted at 06.12.2012.
3 day rabbit pet
We will delete all 3 day rabbit pets due to complaints so please take everything out of them.

We won't take responsibility for lost items!

If you bought a clock, please email the pic with the rabbit to us!

Deleting will take place at 14:30 server time tomorrow!
Posted at 28.11.2012.
SMS Payment
SMS Payment WORKS again! :)
Posted at 27.11.2012.
New patch - Download it now
New patch, bug fixes:

- item defense fixes
- fortress fixes
- demonroad npc shop at Jangan is now taxable
- new uniques (event uniques)

Download it from our Downloads page!!
Posted at 26.11.2012.
PVP Tournament
First PVP Tournament will be held at 16pm, 24th, Nov!!

You have to register at our FB page in the PVP post if you want to participate! You can't take part in the Tournament if you didn't register there with your character and level!!

!! You have to state your character name and your level otherwise you can't participate !!

There will be many rounds, many groups, we will divide them according to the registration!

The award will be: 180 silk!
Posted at 19.11.2012.
Video contest for silk!
We are holding a video contest! Max. 3 minutes long, it has to advertise our server and features, specials in it (it could be about an event, pvp, a story, anything). It has to contain our name like this:
DemonRoad - 140 cap, 140 skill server and 14D weapons and the website as well:

You have to make it clear that you've made the video for the video contest!

500 Silk - the best video will be choosen by the admin team
500 Silk - the most liked video on our fb page will get also the award!

Deadline: 26th Nov., 1pm (GMT +1)

You have to post the video on our official Facebook page!!
Posted at 14.11.2012.
Referral system
Don't forget, there is our referral system!

Invite your friends with the automatically generated link and get silk in exchange! Log in to your account, click on the referral menu (player menu) and give the link to your friends!

10 friends mean 80 silk! The characters has to be at least lvl 80. Invite limit: 50 friends / month.
Posted at 13.11.2012.
Doubled rates
We doubled the exp and gold rates as of today for a week.

Good hunting and enjoy the game! :)
Posted at 13.11.2012.
Server features

- web mall: you can collect credits in the game by hunting uniques and you can buy different kind of items on the webpage what you can't buy in the item mall!!
- unique hunting for great rewards and title names
- 10 custom uniques
- you can buy avatars, pets, santa set, flags at NPC for gold!
- arabian mobs
- 14D weapons
- unique summon scrolls
- premium alchemy
- new pets and avatars
- custom weapon glows
- skills can be upgraded to lv140

Start items:

- rabbit pet
- reverse pack
- 10 speed scrolls
- potions
- 50k sp at the start
- 1 million gold

Item stack limit:

- potion: 300,
- arrow/bolt: 5000,
- stone,tablet,
- elixir: 50

Website feature:

- automatized unique ranking system
- web mall
- built-in email support
- guild/job reset
- vote for silk (soon to come)
Posted at 12.11.2012.
Bug hunting event for 2 days!!
If you see a bug, report it to us via the support form or on facebook. If the bug is valid, you will be rewarded by 10 silks! You can admit 5 bugs a day!

We don't think you will catch too many bugs, but we challange you to do so!

Good luck!
Posted at 09.11.2012.
We've gone online!
We've opened our server!

If you have any questions or want to report a bug, head over to our facebook page or write to our support team via the support form!

Enjoy the game!
Posted at 08.11.2012.
Welcome to DemonRoad!
Cap lvl: 140
Skill: 140
Total mastery: 420

Exp Rate: 300x
Party exp rate: 350x
Job Rate: 5x
Gold Exp Rate: 80x
Drop rate: 80x

Great start items and Vote for silks!
Posted at 31.10.2012.
Players online: 754 / 1000
Server Started: 2012.11.01
Races: 58% 42%
Job: 49% 31% 20%
Updates / patches: 37

Server info:
Client Version: 192
Exp Rate: 300x
Party exp rate: 350x
Job exp rate: 25x
Gold drop rate: 80x
Item drop rate: 80x

GM Team: